Content Directions is a DOI Registration Agency and Internet services firm dedicated exclusively to implementing and promoting the use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI provides a unique, permanent link between any type of digital information—including text, music, photos, video, software and databases—and the web site of the creators who own that information. Content Directions not only will help your company tag your content with DOIs, but will also issue your publisher prefix and register DOIs and their associated metadata for your online content as well as co-develop applications that support tracking, distribution, copyright protection and e-commerce functions. We also offer a full suite of seminars aimed at bringing your staff up to speed on the DOI and its many uses. If you currently distribute your content online, or plan to, you can't afford to ignore the benefits of this powerful technology standard.

Content Directions is in the process of assembling a top-flight management team composed of leaders from within the broader publishing and technology industries. Click below for bios of current staff, and please watch this space for exciting announcements about the talented people who are joining our team.

   Founder & Chief Executive Officer:: David Sidman bio IID (Internet ID - personal DOI)

   Chief Information Officer: Alan Lieberman bio IID (Internet ID - personal DOI)

   Chairman of the Board: Marty Kahn bio

   Chief Technology Officer: Dr. Andrew Stevens bio

   Director of Operations: Patricia L. Titone bio

   Director, Internal Support and Administration: Vernon Church bio

   Director, Consulting & Sales, Financial Publishing: Tina Aridas bio

   Consultant, Financial Services: Michael D, Robinson bio

   Advisor/Consultant: Hal Espo bio

   Adviser/Consultant: Bill Rosenblatt bio

   Adviser/Consultant: Lee Greenhouse bio

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Content Directions was incorporated in August 2000 and has bootstrapped itself based on angel funding and customer revenue. We are open to further financing from strategic sources as well as venture capitalists. Inquiries should be directed to Founder and COO David Sidman at +1 (212) 792-1847 or by email at:

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