Linkstorm brand introduces "killer app" for Internet ads using

technology from Internet pioneer Dr. Robert Kahn

Our CDI web site,, will remain available to reference earlier ROI studies, whitepapers, press coverage, live customer examples, etc.

Please visit our new site,, for the latest news on Linkstorm Corporation and its products and services,  We will continue to provide DOI registration and MultiLink Menus to our current customers.

See the press release announcing our re-branding.

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Content Directions Inc. (CDI) helps companies increase their sales and profitability by improving the discoverability of their products and services on the Internet and within their enterprises, and by better linking their customers, business partners, and employees to those products and services. Our principal technology for this is the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), a linking system developed by the primary inventor of the Internet itself and representing “The Next-Generation URL.” CDI consults with all kinds of organizations on how to increase their revenues and cut costs, and as the first authorized commercial DOI Registration Agency, activates DOIs by registering them into the global DOI directory, similar to the way that domain names are registered into the global DNS system. For more information on CDI’s customers or products and services, please explore this site or contact us at


Study Shows 7-to-1 Payback for DOI as Applied to Content Distribution, Syndication and Online Partnering. Includes a new paradigm for content distribution ("virtual aggregation") which disseminates content to more customers and more places, yet with zero technology development or operational cost. Available free of charge via its DOI:

Study Shows 12-to-1 Payback for DOI as Applied to Content Marketing (including search engine discoverability, improved site navigation, cross-selling of related products, and reduced costs of site maintenance due to permanent/persistent identifiers). This is the first of 4 studies conducted by consultancy EPS (author: Steve Sieck). Forthcoming papers will quantify the ROI for applying the DOI to Syndication/Distribution, Online Partnering, Supply-Chain Efficiency, etc. Available free of charge via its DOI:

DOI Business Case (for internal use of DOIs): DOIs can also integrate information from disparate systems within an enterprise. View the business case by Bill Rosenblatt quantifying both revenue enhancements and cost savings based on real-world scenarios, as applied in one particular application & industry: Digital Asset Management by large Information Publishers:

New product: The MultiLink Syndicator(TM): CDI now provides a fast and easy way to distribute your DOIs to your authors, music artists, fan sites, book or record reviewers, the press, web portals, etc. so that they can place these DOIs on their own websites with the CDI MultiLink capability automatically enabled. To learn more, click the DOI for this product:

EPS sees 2004 as the "tipping point" for the DOI: Supported by expert opinion, this report compares the DOI with all current identifier standards worldwide, and reflects both its greater value and the reasons why 2004 may see tipping points that will result in widescale adoption.

Esther Dyson describes CDI at length in the September 2003 issue of Release 1.0 devoted to the topic "Online Registries:  The DNS and Beyond..." Learn why Esther Dyson, founding chairman of ICANN, which governs the DNS system, believes that the DOI is a more scaleable solution than DNS for object-level identification and routing. Free excerpt now available via the issue's DOI:

CDI named one of the "Hot 10" emerging companies featured at
SoftEdge 2003 in New York City. See for more information.

CDI selected as one of the "Top Technology Companies of 2002" by NYNMA (New York New Media Association). For more, click on the DOI for the press release:

Hot Topics:

Clients: CDI has signed agreements to register DOIs on behalf of many large companies, including McGraw-Hill, Penguin Putnam, Corbis, Stevens Institute of Technology, etc. Click here for details or here for live examples.

Support for the DOI: In a speech to industry executives, Harold McGraw III, chairman, president and CEO of The McGraw-Hill Companies, voiced his support for the DOI, calling it, "...a standard that will contribute strongly to the development of the e-book marketplace and the market for all digital content." Find out more about CDI's' work with McGraw-Hill by clicking here.

Drill Down: Explore CDI's product offerings. Did you know we offer courses custom-tailored for executives, IT staff and production department?


Learn More:

See the DOI in Action: Explore phase 2 of the DOI-EB project presented recently by The International DOI Foundation (IDF) and Content Directions, Inc. (CDI) at The Frankfurt Book Fair. If you missed phase 1 of the demo shown at Book Expo America, click here. The DOI is now market-ready and open for business!

"What is the DOI?", a 70-slide tutorial, introduces the DOI, recounts some of its history, and discusses some of its applications to Digital Rights Management (DRM). It's available here in Powerpoint.

All About us: Learn more about CDI's growing staff in About Us, and about business partnership opportunities in Partners.


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