New York, NY and Old Saybrook, CT, January 9, 2003 — Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR) and Content Directions, Inc. (CDI) today announced the signing of a comprehensive agreement to register and deploy Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for BLR’s electronic and print products. In addition to providing registration and auto-linking services for BLR’s DOIs, CDI will be providing consulting services to assist BLR with DOI-enabled marketing and product development strategies.

For a live example of the technology as applied to a BLR reference work, click on the DOI ( for "Safety Training Presentations."

Founded in 1977, Business & Legal Reports, Inc. is a nationally recognized publisher of understandable and affordable compliance and training information in the areas of Human Resources, Compensation, Safety and Environment. BLR’s attorneys, researchers, and journalists are experts in their respective markets. They are constantly researching federal and state legislation, best practices, industry trends, and impending changes that can effect an organization. BLR’s products, delivered in print, CD-ROM, Internet and newsletter format, are used by over 350,000 professionals.

"The DOI allows us to more effectively market and cross-sell our products, including improving their discoverability via search engines, websites such as HRnext (, and other channels," said BLR Founder and President Robert L. Brady. "By allowing us to seamlessly interlink our related products and bring customers directly to our website for related information and services, it provides customers with an easier way of finding exactly what they’re looking for and retrieving it in a reliable, permanent way. It also extends the ‘reach’ of our own website by exporting its richness and functionality out to the rest of the Internet, wherever our DOIs go."

Said David Sidman, Founder and CEO of Content Directions, "BLR is taking a comprehensive, strategic approach to leveraging the DOI for maximum business benefit. By working with CDI from a marketing strategy and product development perspective, over and above using CDI’s registration services per se, they will be positioned to derive the maximum ROI from the DOI."

BLR has implemented CDI’s DOI MultiLinkä capability where, in contrast to URL-based linking which affords one-to-one linking via the location of an object, MultiLinks afford persistent one-to-many linking at the object level, regardless of where the object resides at any point in time. In this way, prospective customers can choose to link directly to a particular product or see a variety of services or information about BLR products.

DOIs and MultiLinks are planned for use in email campaigns, on affiliate websites, within BLR electronic products, within the BLR Online Catalog/Product Index, and on the BLR Web Centers.


About BLR

BLR was founded in 1977 by attorney Robert L. Brady with the goal of providing state and federal compliance information to business executives. Throughout BLR’s history, the mission has been to provide executives and decision makers with reliable, affordable analysis of the ever increasing and complex state and federal laws that affect a business. BLR employs over 260 associates in four key locations: Connecticut, Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. Divisions of BLR include Envirowin,, ERI, HRnext, and York Telemarketing. Additional information can be found at


About the Digital Object Identifier (DOI®)

The DOI is a system for identifying and exchanging intellectual property in the digital environment. The DOI is like the UPC (bar code) in the physical world, but for Internet-based resources such as digital content published online. It uniquely identifies digital objects and provides permanent links to the publisher and/or to any related services the publisher wants to enable, thus facilitating online transactions of all kinds including e-commerce, rights management and digital distribution. Created by the primary architect of the Internet itself (Dr. Robert Kahn), the DOI can be thought of as "The Next-Generation URL," or "a URL on steroids," because it is:

• Unbreakable

• Multi-linkable

• Dynamic

• Industry standard

• Scalable

• Low-cost to implement

Like regular URLs, however (with which the DOI is backward-compatible), the DOI can travel anywhere on the Internet, either alone or with the item itself (book, chapter, section, database record, image, song, etc.), thus bringing its superior functionality to users via many channels: Search Engine results, 3rd party websites, syndicated or partner sites, emails, downloaded documents or other content, bibliographies or other citations within students’ term papers, etc. As long as the user is connected to the Web, he/she will benefit from the DOI’s MultiLinkä functionality as customized and controlled by the content provider.

About Content Directions, Inc. (CDI)

Content Directions, Inc., is a DOI Registration Agency dedicated exclusively to implementing and promoting the use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This includes consulting on how the DOI can increase an organization's revenues and cut costs, as well as actually registering DOIs for digital content. Additional information on the DOI and on CDI’s products and services can be found at or by emailing

For further information, click on the DOI for this press release or contact:


Tina Aridas

Deputy Manager, Marketing & Press Relations


phone: 718-965-8490 or 917-514-5364

fax: 718-768-7542



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