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Study Presents 7-to-1 ROI Based on Services Offered by Content Directions


London, UK and New York, NY, USA, August 5, 2004 – Electronic Publishing Services Ltd (EPS), a London-based consultancy providing strategic assistance to publishers and other content providers, today announced publication of a white paper documenting the business case for use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) within the value chain of content distribution, syndication and online partnering. The study is the second in a series analyzing the economic benefits of the DOI. The first white paper documented a 12-to-1 payback for use of the DOI in publishers’ e-commerce operations, consisting of both revenue enhancement and cost-savings/cost-avoidance by using the DOI to improve content discoverability (including search engine marketing), publisher website usability/navigation, Web merchandising, and website maintenance. Both studies were funded by Content Directions, Inc. (CDI) but involved independent data-gathering and analysis of actual customer data from CDI customers, as well as quantitative data from other non-CDI-customers throughout the publishing value chain.




Commented David Worlock, Chairman of EPS, “We have been covering the DOI in-depth for some time now, and it is gratifying to see that our initial assessments regarding the importance of this technology are now being borne out via quantitative analysis. As more and more publishers begin to consider the economic benefits we have now documented, they will begin to migrate from viewing the DOI as a powerful technology in search of a problem, to seeing it as an opportunity to boost the profitability of their online businesses via new applications that can optimize their Web presence with customers and partners, and achieve more extensive and targeted distribution.”


Said David Sidman, CEO of Content Directions, Inc. (CDI), “EPS has done a great service to the worldwide DOI initiative by working with CDI’s customers and others to gather this data on the economic benefits of the DOI in this second crucial area of content distribution, syndication and online partnering. As CDI’s existing customers continue to reap these benefits, we will be working with EPS to update these results and also to move on to other areas where similar benefits are being achieved but where there has not yet been time or opportunity to document them rigorously.”


Prior coverage of the DOI from EPS can be found via either one of the DOIs above, since CDI automatically interlinks all related documents, even previous or subsequent documents, from any single document. Alternatively, the following is a selection of other EPS publications and (where applicable) their DOIs:





About the Digital Object Identifier (DOI®)

The DOI is an Internet-based system for identifying and exchanging intellectual property of all kinds (books, music, images, database records, product descriptions) and at any level of “granularity” (individual chapters, songs, articles, product components)It is the online equivalent of the UPC (bar code), and on the Internet it functions as a kind of “super-URL,” linking users directly to where they can buy the item, learn more about it, find related items, access related services, contact the publisher, etc. It also facilitates online transactions of all kinds, including e-commerce, rights management, and digital distribution.


Wherever the DOI is encountered – on Web sites, on Search Engines, within product reviews, within emails, and even within downloaded content – it always brings the user back to whatever information or services the publisher wishes to offer. Further, these links are always up-to-date because they are served from a central DOI record maintained in a global directory (somewhat akin to the DNS system that routes domain names). These links are displayed via Content Directions’ MultiLinkä menu, which is specified by the publisher and created/maintained by CDI. (For live examples, see or visit and click “Live Customer Examples” or view the demos under “See the DOI in Action.”)


Evidence of the DOI’s impact on profitability, conservatively measured as a 12-to-1 return-on-investment by the consulting firm EPS, is presented in the white paper “Economic Benefits of Digital Object Identifier Applications in Publishers' E-Commerce Operations” (DOI: Evidence of the DOI’s economic benefits throughout the value chain of content distribution is presented in EPS’ second white paper “Using the DOI to Improve Profitability in Content Distribution” (DOI:



About Content Directions, Inc. (CDI)

CDI helps companies increase their sales and profitability by improving the discoverability and utilization of their intellectual property and services, both on the Internet and within their enterprises. Its major tool is the DOI, a linking mechanism developed by the primary inventor of the Internet (Dr. Robert Kahn) and representing "The Next-Generation URL" in terms of superior reliability and functionality. (See above for more information about the DOI.)


In addition to actually registering DOIs (as the first commercial DOI Registration Agency), CDI provides consulting on how the DOI can increase an organization's revenues and cut costs. Additional information on the DOI and on CDI’s products and services can be found at (For live examples, see or visit and click ).


About EPS
With offices in London and New York, EPS provides informed market intelligence and trusted, confidential advice and consultancy to organizations needing to understand and respond to the constant challenges of the information industry. Unlike any other provider of this type of service, we offer nearly 20 years’ experience and relationships with the key players in the publishing world. EPS enables clients to manage risk and make better business decisions, strengthening their performance in the industry. Visit


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