New Ad Unit from Content Directions Promises Superior User Experience, Superior Advertiser Results


New York and Dallas, TX – March 17, 2005.  Epygi Technologies, a leader in SIP based VoIP technology and manufacturer of Quadro telecom products for the small to medium sized business market, has become the first advertiser to deploy Content Directions Inc.’s next generation online ad based on the Digital Object Identifier (DOI).  Placed initially on the telecom portal, the ad provides customers with immediate access to all of Epygi’s current product information from within a single, rich MultiLink™ dropdown menu, without having to leave the page on which the ad is displayed and then navigate through the Epygi website hunting for product information.  (See and roll your mouse over the banner ad at the top or on the right side of the screen.)  The MultiLink menu is automatically refreshed with current product info via a central update process managed by Content Directions based on Epygi’s ever-current product and distribution channel data.


Epygi CEO/President, Jeff Kirchner, explains, “CDI’s implementation of DOI technology allows Epygi to syndicate our marketing and sales information globally in real time ads and information updates all over the Web.  We can instantly update information in every channel, keeping pace with an accelerating business.  Knowing that public information and channel information is updated automatically via CDI’s MultiLink creation and maintenance process represents a breakthrough in sales support and channel development for Epygi.  The same MultiLink can also be disseminated as a contextual link within product reviews, white papers, news articles, electronic feeds, blog entries, and downloadable marketing brochures.  It is a permanent link that always brings customers back to our most current product information.”


Hugh Brownstone, CEO of Content Directions, adds, “We are delighted to help Epygi maximize the effectiveness of its online ad budget.  We believe DOI-enabled ads represent a breakthrough in interactive advertising.  Our custom-tailored MultiLinks allow advertisers to define the boundaries of a highly flexible, tuned ad campaign which remains a user-driven interaction.  Our technology and the superior user experience it enables yield improvements in click-throughs and conversion rates at levels beyond anything else currently available.”


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About Epygi

Epygi Technologies, Ltd. Is a privately held US company headquartered in Plano, Texas (North Dallas).  Founded in 2000, Epygi designs and manufactures the expanding product line that includes IP PBXs, conference servers and voice gateways.  Epygi products benefit from extensive knowledge in telecommunications, DSP voice processing and data networking.


With over 200 employees worldwide, Epygi is building a global distribution network of distributors and resellers.   Sales and Development offices are in the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Armenia and Japan.  The company utilizes a sales organization of distributors and resellers.  Epygi products operate as standalone products, interoperate with a large number of existing analog and IP products and provide reliable service to carriers offering IP voice services.  The products are positioned to serve the large SMB and SOHO markets, teleworkers, and branch offices of large corporations and organizations.



About Content Directions, Inc. (CDI)

CDI helps companies maximize the commercial effectiveness of their web presence by applying next generation web navigation tools and techniques.  It is the industry leader in Digital Object Identifier (DOI) technology, the next generation in Web navigation developed by the primary inventor of the Internet and recent recipient of the Turing Award, Dr. Robert Kahn.  More information about CDI’s products and services can be found at, including live customer examples and numerous ROI studies which have documented how CDI’s unique, patent-pending implementation of the DOI standard radically accelerates its customers’ top-line revenue growth.



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