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London, UK and New York, NY, USA – August 31, 2005.  London-based GMB Publishing Ltd., which produces Global Market Briefings, has signed a deal with Content Directions, Inc. to register its publications digitally using Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). Commented GMB Managing Director Peter Chadwick: “Adopting DOIs for a small publisher like GMB is strategically important for three reasons. Firstly, much of our business is now arriving via the Web, and we have to make that process absolutely painless. It’s no good a potential customer clicking on a hyperlink to a Doing Business With… title only to get a “Page Not Found” error. DOIs prevent that happening. Secondly, and most excitingly, DOIs will enable us to sell content not just by the title, but by section or chapter. During the coming months we will code the entire list to enable customers to retrieve and to buy just the section or chapter they require.  DOIs enable us to do this very precisely. Finally, it’s nice to take advantage of being a small publisher by being able to implement new technology very rapidly. Larger publishers have much more difficulty responding to new technological initiatives like this.”


The Global Market Briefings list of books was launched in 1992, as part of the Confederation of British Industry’s East European Initiative, and was originally published by Kogan Page Ltd. Following a management-buy-out in May 2004, the Global Market Briefings series is now published by GMB Publishing Ltd. GMB Publishing Ltd.’s publications include The Doing Business with… series focusing on all 10 new EU member states, and many other countries in the Central and Eastern European and CIS regions, the Middle East and China. In addition, GMB Publishing Ltd. publishes other books and special reports focusing on a variety of international business topics. GMB Publishing Ltd. is rapidly developing its electronic publishing capabilities and will be providing by subscription electronic updates to many of the more popular books.


The following are examples of DOIs assigned to GMB publications:


·      Doing Business with China:

·      The Handbook of Country Risk 2005-2006:

·      The Handbook of International Trade: A Guide to the Principles and Practice of Export:


Said David Sidman, Founder & COO of Content Directions, “GMB’s adoption of our service adds nicely to the accelerating momentum we are experiencing in the UK and the rest of Europe.   We are especially pleased to demonstrate once again how we can level the playing field for smaller publishers online, helping them establish a profitable online presence despite any limitations of company size or technology resources.”


Content Directions helps companies maximize the commercial effectiveness of their web presence by applying next generation web navigation tools and techniques.  It is the industry leader in Digital Object Identifier (DOI) technology, the next generation in Web navigation developed by the primary inventor of the Internet and recent recipient of the Turing Award, Dr. Robert Kahn.  More information about CDI’s products and services can be found at, including live customer examples and numerous ROI studies which have documented how CDI’s unique, patent-pending implementation of the DOI standard radically accelerates its customers’ top-line revenue growth.


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