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Companies Will Use Content Directions’ DOI Registration Service



New York, NY, August 17, 2004 – Greenwood Publishing Group, one of the world’s leading publishers of reference titles, academic and general interest books, texts, books for librarians, professionals, and electronic resources, and Impressions Book & Journal Services, a leading composition and publishing services firm specializing in books and journals, announced their agreement with Content Directions, Inc. to implement Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to aid in the online marketing of Greenwood Publishing titles.


“Whenever someone encounters one of our DOI-enabled book titles anywhere on the Web, not just on our own site, they have instant access to all related titles by subject or by author, to additional information about the book, and to our shopping cart. We can also encourage viral distribution of our book titles onto author sites, online reviews and subject-specific web portals via CDI’s ‘Add this Link to Your Site’ feature.”


“Greenwood is excited to deploy MultiLinked DOIs as a way of helping our customers cut through the clutter of the Web to find our books.”

Ron Maas

Vice President of Planning, Greenwood Publishing Group


For live examples of DOIs applied to Greenwood titles, click on any of the following DOIs:


·      Affirmative Action: An Encyclopedia -

·      All Things Shakespeare -

·      Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries: 4th Edition -


“The DOI is one of the core technologies of the digital era. It has been widely used in journal publishing and now book publishers are taking advantage of it at an accelerating pace. We’ve teamed up with CDI because their MultiLink™ technology provides a sophisticated, effective foundation that uses the DOI to dramatically increase visibility, access, and sales for book publishers.”

Bill Kasdorf, President of Impressions
General Editor of The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing


“We are especially pleased with the Greenwood success because it validates our commitment to offering DOI implementation through active partnerships with other companies. The DOI is something that benefits all the players in the value chain, and we are committed to working with all these parties, and sharing the revenues appropriately, so as to accelerate the adoption of this powerful business enabler.”

David Sidman, CEO of Content Directions, Inc. (CDI)



About the Digital Object Identifier (DOI®)

The DOI is an Internet-based system for identifying and exchanging intellectual property of all kinds (books, music, images, database records, product descriptions) and at any level of “granularity” (individual chapters, songs, articles, product components)It is the online equivalent of the UPC (bar code), and on the Internet it functions as a kind of “super-URL,” linking users directly to where they can buy the item, learn more about it, find related items, access related services, contact the publisher, etc. It also facilitates online transactions of all kinds, including e-commerce, rights management, and digital distribution.


Wherever the DOI is encountered – on Web sites, on Search Engines, within product reviews, within emails, and even within downloaded content – it always brings the user back to whatever information or services the publisher wishes to offer. Furthermore, these links are always up-to-date because they are served from a central DOI record maintained in a global directory (somewhat akin to the DNS system that routes domain names).


For more information, click on the DOI for this press release ( or contact:


James Lingle
Publicity & Advertising Manager

Greenwood Publishing Group

88 Post Road West, P.O. Box 5007

Westport, CT 06881-5007

(203) 226-3571, ext. 3379



Tina Aridas

Deputy Manager, Marketing & Press Relations


phone: 917-514-5364

fax: 718-768-7542




Sandra K. Collins

Apex CoVantage




About Greenwood Publishing Group

The Greenwood Publishing Group is one of the world's leading publishers of reference titles, academic and general interest books, texts, books for librarians and other professionals, and electronic resources. With over 18,000 titles in print, GPG publishes some 1,000 books each year, many of which are recognized with annual awards from Choice, Library Journal, the American Library Association, and other scholarly and professional organizations. Visit the company’s Web site at


About Content Directions, Inc. (CDI)

CDI helps companies increase their sales and profitability by improving the discoverability and utilization of their intellectual property and services, both on the Internet and within their enterprises. Its major tool is the DOI, a linking mechanism developed by the primary inventor of the Internet (Dr. Robert Kahn) and representing "The Next-Generation URL" in terms of superior reliability and functionality. (See above for more information about the DOI.)


In addition to actually registering DOIs (as the first commercial DOI Registration Agency), CDI provides consulting on how the DOI can increase an organization's revenues and cut costs. Additional information on the DOI and on CDI’s products and services can be found at (For live examples, see or visit and click “Live Customer Examples.”


About Impressions Book & Journal Services

Impressions Book & Journal Services (, in partnership with Apex ePublishing (, provides state-of-the-art editorial, composition, and data conversion services to book and journal publishers. Based on a highly evolved XML infrastructure and workflow that can incorporate and enhance XML at any stage of the editorial and production process, Impressions and Apex offer an optimized complement of U.S.-based and offshore services for the production of a wide range of print and electronic products.


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