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New York, January 15, 2003 – Content Directions, Inc., and The Humana Press, Inc., announced today that they have signed a comprehensive Registration Agreement. As a result, Humana Press will begin registering Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) across its entire book-publishing program (including both print and eBooks) as well as its scientific journal titles.


For a live example of the technology as applied to a Humana book, click on the following DOI for The Protein Protocols Handbook, by John Walker (DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1226/1592591698).


CDI helps companies increase their sales and profitability by improving the discoverability and utilization of their intellectual property and services on the Internet and within their enterprises. Its major tool is the DOI®, a linking mechanism developed by the primary inventor of the Internet itself (Dr. Robert Kahn) and representing "The Next-Generation URL" in terms of superior reliability and functionality. (See below for more information about the DOI.)


Humana Press is a major worldwide publisher of medical and scientific books and journals in both print and electronic media addressing the areas of molecular biology, neuroscience, cancer research, medicine and health care. Scientists, physicians, researchers and consumers throughout the world use Humana Press’ publications.


According to James Davison, IT and Sales Representative for Humana Press, "Humana Press chose CDI as its Registration Agency for a number of reasons, including CDI's MultiLinking functionality, its ability to create DOIs for us with the minimum of effort and cost on our part, and its ability to handle multiple types of content via the same registration and maintenance process. In the future we expect to assign DOIs not only at the 'title' level, but also at more granular levels of content such as book chapters, sections of reference works, etc."


"CDI is proud to have Humana Press as a customer, not only because of their first-class reputation as a high-quality publisher, but also because they represent something of a return to our roots in servicing the STM Publishing community," said David Sidman, CEO of Content Directions. "Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishing is where the DOI was first adopted on a widespread basis for peer-reviewed journal articles, and now these publishers are beginning to look beyond journals to enjoy the broader benefits of the DOI – not only permanently interlinking a wider variety of content than just journals, but also enabling e-commerce for both electronic and physical books, improving the discoverability of content via search engines, and other features unique to CDI's implementation of the DOI."


About the Digital Object Identifier (DOI®)

The DOI is a system for identifying and exchanging intellectual property in the digital environment. The DOI is like the UPC (bar code) in the physical world, but for Internet-based resources such as digital content published online. It uniquely identifies digital objects and provides permanent links to the publisher and/or to any related services the publisher wants to enable, thus facilitating online transactions of all kinds including e-commerce, rights management and digital distribution. Created by the primary architect of the Internet itself (Dr. Robert Kahn), the DOI can be thought of as “The Next-Generation URL,” or “a URL on steroids,” because it is:


• Unbreakable

• Multi-linkable

• Dynamic

• Industry standard

• Scalable

• Low-cost to implement


The DOI travels with the item itself (book, chapter, section, database record, image, etc.) throughout the Internet, on syndicated and partner sites, and via downloads. As long as the user is connected to the Web, the DOI MultiLinkä functionality with its Humana-specific applications will afford the user with support and services enabled by Humana.


About The Humana Press

Humana Press is a major worldwide publisher of books and journals in molecular biology, neuroscience, cancer research and medicine. Humana's most popular products are the Methods in Molecular Biology series, the Cancer Drug Discovery and Development series, the Contemporary Cardiology series, the Neuromethods series, and the Methods in Molecular Medicine series.


Humana's publications are utilized by scientists, physicians and researchers throughout the world. The company also maintains a highly regarded program in Biomedical Ethics Reviews, a strong trade program of high-quality health care books, and a small but distinguished list of best sellers, all of which are accessible through Humana’s web site (http://www.humanapress.com).


About Content Directions, Inc. (CDI)

Content Directions, Inc., is a DOI Registration Agency dedicated exclusively to implementing and promoting the use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This includes consulting on how the DOI can increase an organization's revenues and cut costs, as well as actually registering DOIs for digital content. Additional information on the DOI and on CDI’s products and services can be found at http://www.contentdirections.com. Live DOIs from other CDI customers can be found at http://dx.doi.org/10.1220/demo21. For more information, please email us at info@contentdirections.com.


For further information, click on the DOI for this press release http://dx.doi.org/10.1220/pr19 or contact:



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