Linkstorm brand introduces "killer app" for Internet ads          

  using technology from Internet pioneer Dr. Robert Kahn


New York, NY – December 5, 2005.  Content Directions, Inc. (CDI), a leader in  web navigation technology, today announced it has a new name and a new brand.

The new name is Linkstorm Corporation.  The company is re-branding itself as part of its new strategic push into online advertising. 


"Linkstorm was chosen because of the lightning-like speed with which we can deliver ads and results online," says Hugh Brownstone, CEO of Linkstorm Corporation.  "It's a potential ‘silver bullet' for online advertisers and marketers."  Advertisers see intender-driven, Linkstorm-enabled ads providing a new ‘killer app' for Internet campaigns.


David Sidman, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, says the next-generation linking platform was originally designed for the Publishing sector.  "We built it using the Handle System® developed by Internet pioneer Dr. Robert Kahn.  Dr. Kahn's technology enabled us to provide more robust interlinking of content.  The same benefits our technology has generated in the Publishing industry – superior Web navigation, higher click-through rates, and higher conversion rates – work even better for Internet advertising."


"The Internet has become a perfect storm for advertising," explains Sheldon Renan,  who led the re-branding team.  "This is technology that allows advertisers to own that storm. The only problem is, until recently, nobody had ever heard of it."  Company executives are now focused on getting the message out to the rest of the world.  Says CEO Brownstone, "The Linkstorm name is a great start."


About Linkstorm

The Linkstorm Corporation provides technology for improving results with online advertising, marketing, measurement and other business activities that need rapid, robust and persistent linking.  Linkstorm implements superconnectivity™ and clickless navigation™ at any level organizations want it – product information, infrastructure, platform, applications, services, campaigns or consulting.  Founded in 2000 as Content Directions, the company pioneered the use of Dr. Robert Kahn's Handle System for content in the publishing and media industries.  The company's new Linkstorm architecture enhances Kahn's technology and extends its utility to a wider range of businesses.  Linkstorm is headquartered in New York City, with an additional office in Princeton, New Jersey.


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