DOIs to Improve Visibility and Distribution of Leading Market Research


New York, NY and London, England – August 6, 2003 – Snapshots International, a leading global provider of market research covering a wide range of countries and industries, and Content Directions, Inc. (CDI), the first commercial DOI Registration Agency, today announced the signing of a comprehensive agreement to register DOIs for Snapshots’ entire collection of market research reports.


To view a live example, click on the following DOI for the Snapshots report on “Germany PCs 2003” (


“We believe the DOI will improve the discoverability of our research on the Web, as well as making it easier and faster to partner with distributors, portals and others who want to sell or link to our content,” said Debra Curtis, Managing Director/CEO of Snapshots.  “Market research is driven by currency and relevance, and the DOI takes people directly to the most current and relevant content no matter where the DOI appears or when a DOI-based link was originally created.  We expect it to improve the visibility of our content considerably, enabling potential clients to identify and locate the critical data they need.”


Said David Sidman, CEO of Content Directions:  "We are very excited to be working with Snapshots, as they are bringing an unusual level of entrepreneurial energy and creativity to the process of disseminating their research via the DOI.  Between this action orientation and the high quality of their content, I believe that together we will push new frontiers regarding the DOI’s utility in disseminating research content on the Web.”


About Snapshots International

Snapshots Reports currently cover 35 industries in 23 countries, and each report provides an instant overview of a market, with data supplied in both graphical and tabular format for ease of interpretation and analysis. All Snapshots data is compiled in-house by the Snapdata Research Department, a team of multi-lingual research experts who trawl original sources and interview industry experts all over the world to compile the Series.  Additional information is available at


About the Digital Object Identifier (DOI®)

The DOI is an Internet-based system for identifying and exchanging intellectual property of all kinds (books, music, images, database records, product descriptions) and at any level of “granularity” (individual chapters, songs, articles, product components)It is the online equivalent of the UPC (bar code), and on the Internet it functions as a kind of “super-URL,” linking users directly to where they can buy the item, learn more about it, find related items, access related services, contact the publisher, etc.  It also facilitates online transactions of all kinds, including e-commerce, rights management, and digital distribution.


Wherever the DOI is encountered – on Web sites, on Search Engines, within product reviews, within emails, and even within downloaded content – it always brings the user back to whatever information or services the publisher wishes to offer.  Further, these links are always up-to-date because they are served from a central DOI record maintained in a global directory (somewhat akin to the DNS system that routes domain names).  These links are displayed via Content Directions’ MultiLinkä menu, which is specified by the publisher and created/maintained by CDI.  (For live examples, see or visit and click “Live DOIs” or “See the DOI in Action.”)


About Content Directions, Inc. (CDI)

CDI helps companies increase their sales and profitability by improving the discoverability and utilization of their intellectual property and services, both on the Internet and within their enterprises.  Its major tool is the DOI, a linking mechanism developed by the primary inventor of the Internet (Dr. Robert Kahn) and representing "The Next-Generation URL" in terms of superior reliability and functionality.  (See above for more information about the DOI.)


In addition to actually registering DOIs (as the first commercial DOI Registration Agency), CDI provides consulting on how the DOI can increase an organization's revenues and cut costs.  Additional information on the DOI and on CDI’s products and services can be found at  Live DOIs from other CDI customers can be found at


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