Content Directions is actively pursuing consulting, strategic and technology partnerships which can help us reach a wider constituency with our DOI offerings. As a partner, you will be able to take advantage of our expertise and knowledge to implement the DOI for your own customers. This powerful new tool enables e-commerce, facilitates digital rights management, and enhances content management by providing both a unique ID and a persistent, dynamic link back to a website of the content owner's choosing. If your customers have digital information to move, we can help you to help them grow their businesses. If you're interested in becoming a consulting, strategic or technology partner, please choose the link which best describes what you do.


Apex CoVantage, through its subsidiary Impressions Book & Journal Services, has implemented the DOI for Greenwood Publishing (a unit of Reed Elsevier) and others. View live examples at


Bowker is the agency that issues ISBN numbers (the UPC for books) in the US, and has partnered with CDI to create DOIs based on the ISBNs of Houghton Mifflin, Acropolis Books and others. View live examples at


BSG (Business Systems Group), a London-based PLC with a 15-year operating history and 150 full-time staff, is CDI's primary partner in the UK and Europe, offering IT solutions from strategy to application hosting and support. See


DOIeasylink.NET offers low cost entry program called DOI Advantage program. It is ideal for small businesses and self-published offers. For $9.95/yr, you can register a unilink DOI with a 1-to-1 link to any Internet address, or design your own custom multilink DOI menu with up to 7 menu items. More advanced custom DOI services are also available.


Canto, maker of the popular Cumulus system for content management of images and other objects, has partnered with CDI to leverage existing Cumulus systems into an "enterprise dashboard" linking Cumulus assets to related assets in other Cumulus systems and/or other content management systems and/or related systems such as Rights, Contracts, Sales History, etc. This is an example of how CDI's product for internal DOI usage (CDI IntraConnect) can be implemented on top of any existing content management system such as Cumulus, Documentum, Vignette, etc. For more about the business case for using CDI IntraConnect, see


Sentius/Richlink has a technology that inserts contextual links into keywords that appear within content. When those links are implemented as CDI MultiLinks, the result is a powerful contextually-based MultiLink that provides a vastly-superior navigation experience for the user. See a demo at


Synapse Corporation builds or customizes taxonomies and controlled vocabularies, sometimes from scratch via a consulting process, and sometimes starting with 3rd party taxonomies to provide a head start (see for a selection available for licensing or using as starter files). The resulting taxonomy can then be used to drive CDI's MultiLink creation and maintenance process. They are an ideal solution partner for CDI customer prospects who want to implement CDI's MultiLinking, but lack the required metadata.


Coming soon:

CBIL - Consortium for Business Information Linking - is a consortium of business information publishers seeking to promote the using of MultiLinking as a way of interlinking their complementary product offerings and thus driving more customers to each other for cross-sell opportunities and a superior customer experience. Organized primarily by CDI customer Snapdata International Group, CBIL already has a number of participants and formally announced its creation at SLA in Toronto (June 6-8, 2005).

The two central issues to digital rights management are identifying content and protecting that content from unauthorized use. To date, most DRM vendors have had to rely on proprietary numbering schemes with little utility outside of their specific systems. The DOI improves upon this approach by providing a standard, universal content ID that publishers can use internally to manage content and externally to enable e-commerce services among various vendors, including DRM. Content security is assured because the DOI is also an "actionable," updateable link that always points back to a website of the content owner's choosing. This powerful feature is the basis for verifying content authenticity and enabling authorized access.

For more information on how the DOI addresses critical issues in DRM functionality, see CDI CEO David Sidman's white paper as submitted to the SIIA DRM Working Group (HTML; Microsoft Word). Click here to obtain the final version as published by the SIIA. To view the SIIA's press release announcing the paper click here.

For a comprehensive overview of Digital Rights Management and for a free excerpt on the DOI from the book "Digital Rights Management: Business and Technology" (William Rosenblatt, William Trippe, Stephen Mooney. ISBN: 0-7645-4889-1 Paperback 312 Pages. November 2001. John Wiley & Sons Publishers) click on the following DOI:

Content Directions can help your customers implement the DOI or we can train your own consultants to do so. We are also ready to help you develop DOI-based applications to enhance your product offerings and decrease your costs of doing business. For more information, contact us at

Efficiently tracking information is the key to effective content management. The DOI streamlines the entire content management lifecycle by employing a unique object-level ID (akin to a SKU for pieces of digital content) that can be used throughout the production process - and even afterward when the content needs to be archived for future re-use. Once the content is fully developed and published, that same number can then be used by multiple vendors throughout the distribution chain to support key business processes such as direct marketing, digital rights management and e-commerce. Content Directions is committed to working with content management system vendors to implement easy-to-use DOI tagging features within their proprietary systems.

Click here to read an article (CMS Watch, March 31, 2002) by CDI COO David Sidman about the importance of the DOI to the CMS space. To see how the DOI can enhance revenue and decrease expenses for CMS vendors and their customers, click the following DOI to read an informative white paper by author Bill Rosenblatt:

If you would like to increase the utility of your CMS products for publishers by offering them an easy way to assign and track DOIs within the production process, then contact us at

The DOI provides an ideal foundation for the entire suite of activities that comprise content distribution. From digital rights management to e-commerce and direct marketing functions, if it involves moving and/or selling content, the DOI is the place to start. Content Directions offers a full range of consulting and implementation services to help your clients put their content in a form that facilitates your business, reduces your costs, increases speed to market and enhances profitability. We can also help assist you in integrating the DOI into your existing applications. For more information, contact us at

Content Directions is actively seeking consulting partners who are interested in being trained in DOI implementation. Our Certified DOI Consultant Program will allow your organization to offer new products and services and expand your customer base. Through this program, we will train your team in our consulting and implementation methodology. We will also ensure that your organization has the support to provide your customers with the highest level of service. For more information, contact us at

The DOI is primarily intended to identify formally published content, but it can be applied to any kind of Internet resource that a company wants to be able to address in a persistent, reliable manner. This could include digital certificates, permanent records, legal documents, or any other information that would benefit from both persistent naming and an Internet-based name resolution and routing service. If you'd like to find out more about how we can work together, contact us at

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